A Preview of Our “New” Vessel

The last few months we have included a lot of research, a trip to mexico to see a really cool ocean crossing catamaran, a couple of failed offers on a boat that we were very interested (a Nordhavn 47), and finally ending up with us being owners of an awesome boat that is somewhat of a departure for us – it has a sailing rig. We don’t have ANY experience sailing! But we will learn and the good thing is that we can run the boat in the interim without becoming experts at handling the sails.

The boat is another Nordhavn, like the recently sold M/V Cassidy, but this boat is called a motorsailer, in that it is part power boat and part sailboat. The official model is 56MS, and ours is hull number 8, built in 2010. Here is a link to the manufacturer’s web page with a lot of detail: https://www.nordhavn.com/models/56/

Historically boats like this have been said to be a compromise and neither sail well nor perform well as a standalone powerboat. Our research has led us to become believers in the way that Nordhavn has executed on this design, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that it has a variable pitch propeller that allows engine loading to be matched to the level of assist the sails are providing. We will probably dedicate a post just to the technical details of the boat but that will involve a lot of typing and a fair amount of time – so for now it is added to the backlog!

In the spirit of trying to post more often and keep this blog current, we will share a few photos for now. We are all traveling back to Florida next week to start moving our stuff from our Nordhavn 40 onto the new boat, and prepare to take her through the Panama Canal to Mexico.

Ties to the dock in St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg, Florida

Cockpit with outdoor grill and refrigerator


Coming into the slings at the boat yard

Coming out of the water for survey

Hundested controllable pitch propellor

Dougal next to the prop for scale

Hauled for survey

It has a real helm chair!

Upper saloon

Lower saloon and galley

Lower saloon with engine access and electric panel shown

Full size washer and dryer!

Surveyor inspecting the main engine

Master stateroom

Stateroom 2

3rd stateroom

Attention to detail behind the electric panel

What is this thing????

7 thoughts on “A Preview of Our “New” Vessel”

  1. daho_sez@yahoo.com

    Ata Marie is a beautiful vessel. You’ll make wonderful life memories with her, I have no doubt.


  2. glenp1955@hotmail.com

    Awesome choice. I have no doubt it will be the perfect yacht for you and it will take you many MANY miles, congratulations.

  3. denewell@yahoo.com

    Looks fabulous. As much an adventure your first 5000 miles was this boat (Cassidy II ?) should give you many times that in even greater comfort and safety.

    Very best


  4. jsschieff@cox.net

    New vessel looks terrific. Motorsailers are very underappreciated — if you combine sailing with a low-power boost from the engine  it is a very efficient, comfortable, effective way to rack up sea miles.

  5. I can not wait to come visit – I know I make it all about me!

    The laundry – amazing – I don’t have laundry in New York!

  6. I’m trembling with excitement , god knows what you guys must feel like , a fresh page turns , a new story begins ……..



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