A Week in Anacortes

The trip from Crescent City to Anacortes took 4 days and 3 nights.  There was a surge of excitement as we approached Cape Flattery.  Although it would take us a full day to cross the Strait of Juan de Fuca, we knew that landfall was near.  After considering a location convenient for completing the various boat projects and proximity to the Roche Harbor meeting point for the Slow Boat (www.slowboat.com) group, we decided to make Anacortes our home for the week.

Once we docked at Cap Sante Marina, I wanted nothing more than a shower.  We were all wearing the same clothes for the 4 days.  The favorable conditions during this passage meant that I could take a shower…but 1 quick shower in 4 days doesn’t really cut it!  But first things first….the boat must be washed down.  I hooked up the hose and pulled out the bucket and soap.  Just when I was ready to start, Dougal said why do you have the hose hooked up to the salt water wash?  Of course I didn’t know it was the salt water wash.  And moreover, I used the same hook up when I hosed down the boat in Crescent City!  Finally, the crusted on salt after my wash down made sense!  I thought this was hysterical.  Dougal wasn’t laughing.  Oh well, lessons learned on a boat.

Next order of business was a warm meal on solid ground, cooked by someone other than the crew of MV Cassidy.  A quick Yelp search came up with lots of fun looking options in walking distance from the boat.  We settled on the Brown Lantern Ale House.  The place was lively, filled with families and kids.  We are fussy eaters, each with different preferences, but they had an extensive selection of pub fare to satisfy all of us.  We enjoyed a leisurely meal as a family, without anyone distracted on watch or seasick.  

Dougal spent the week doing boat projects.  Right before we left, the disiel hydronic heater quit on us.  Great timing….it worked the whole time the boat was in sunny CA….and breaks right before we head to Alaska!  Dougal organized a mechanic to meet us at the boat on Monday.  There was also a shredded alternator belt, disfunctional engine blower, failed water pump, and a needed oil change.  Just the usual boat stuff!  

Meanwhile, Cassidy and I continued with the homeschool program.  

We all made time in the afternoons to explore the area.  One afternoon, our friends Julie and Dan came to visit.  By chance, we passed the Anacortes ferry as we were pulling in.  Dougal received a text message from Julie asking if we were in the area.  They were on the ferry!  We went out on the deck and waved wildly.  They stopped by the boat on their way back before heading home.  It had been a couple of years since we saw them so it was a real treat.  Another day we climbed up to the vista at Cap Sante Park.  The view of the bay and the adjacent islands.  We could spend hours watching the buzz of the waterways.  The area is bustling with cargo ships, ferry boats and pleasure craft.  

View from Cap Sante Park


Panoramic photo from the top

We also spent many hours wandering around the Old Town area.  Every errand becomes an adventure when you aren’t harried with the whirl of corporate life.  Yesterday, Dougal needed fabric to protect the storm windows when they are in storage.  Cassidy and I went to the quilt shop on the main drag.  Along the way, we stopped in used book shop, local coffee shop, boutique kids shop, and the many local boutiques.  Once we got to the quilt shop, we perused the many patterns.  I let Cassidy pick out the fabric for the storm windows.  After all, the windows will just be stored away so it might as well be fun!  She picked out a hot pink leopard pattern flannel.  Perfect!  

Tomorrow we will rent a car to head into Seattle to visit Damon and Jen.  Cassidy adores Damon, so she has been bursting with excitement all week.  If all goes as planned, Thursday we will be heading to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.  I have a big surprise for Cassidy on Friday!  Stay tuned….  

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  1. So good to hear from you.  What a long stretch the last voyage was from Crescent City to Anacortes.  Get back your ‘land legs’ for a while.  Wonderful adventure, wonderful photos, and the journey has only just begun.  Can’t wait to read more.

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