And She’s Gone

It’s been months since we’ve posted anything to this blog but we have hit a couple of big milestones in boat ownership over the past couple of weeks.  There’s an old cliche about buying and selling boats that goes something like this:  “The best two days of a boat owner’s life are the day he buys the boat and the day he sells the boat”.  Well within 2 weeks we’ve had both of those days.   The sale of our Nordhavn 40, M/V Cassidy officially closed a couple of weeks ago – and we’ve officially taken ownership of a new boat today (details of which we will elaborate on in another post).

We had debated whether we were actually going to try to sell our 40, or stay with boat we know and that had taken us 5000 nautical miles since we motored under the Golden Gate Bridge in April of 2018. If we were going to put her up for sale, it seemed like it would be easier for brokers to show the boat if she was right in front of the Nordhavn office in Southern California, so when an incredible weather window presented in November, we decided that we would again leave San Francisco Bay. We motored south through almost lake like conditions the entire way, even around the notorious Pt. Conception, arriving in Avalon Harbor on Santa Catalina Island, where we spent the week of Thanksgiving.

From Catalina, we cruised the final 30 nautical miles to Dana Point Harbor where we had a subleased slip lined up almost right in front of the headquarters of Nordhavn Yachts. We rented a storage locker and started removing most of our final personal items that would not convey with the boat. In spite of the fact that we had offloaded some of the larger items back in San Francisco, it was amazing how much more stuff came off of the boat.
Contents of Locker 1

Contents of Locker 2

Our 5000 nautical mile pennant, amongst other stuff going to the new boat.

The sale of our boat could not have gone any smoother and it even closed earlier than expected. Many thanks to our broker Larry who worked to filter out the tire kickers from the actual qualified buyers. The Nordhavn boats have such a cult following that apparently there are a lot of people who just want to see inside one vs. actually buy, so it was hard to gauge real interest when we first put her on the market. Larry had told us that the thought it would sell within 60-90 days, and we got a solid offer and negotiated a deal within that window!

The next few weeks will be really busy as we move stuff onto the new boat and prepare to move her from Florida through the Panama Canal to Mexico. For now, we will sign off with some photos but we will begin posting regularly to this blog again in the very near future…
Hauled for Survey, Dana Point Harbor

Pulling into the Travel Lift, Dana Point Harbor

3 thoughts on “And She’s Gone”


    Congratulations on the new boat. I’ll be anxious to see pictures and details. Very best.



    Just thought to pop in and see how the voyage is going! I am envious and have been thinking a lot lately about taking to the road, although for us it will be by land. What a GREAT adventure and a true education on life your daughter! Keep posting!

    —Reply posted by Cassidy, MV on 3/2/2019

    Claire – thanks for stopping by!  I just realized when I logged in to the blog today that a bunch of captions and photos were all jumbled when we published this post so now it’s all fixed.  Let us know if you do decide to live on the road for a while.  The boat thing has been a great experience so far…

  3. Absolutely love your vlog.   Is there a video or a blog post that talks through why you sold the 40 and moved to the motorsailer.   Would love to see a video session about what you liked and disliked about the 40.   Keep up the good work and stay safe.

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