Transiting the Panama Canal

  The Panama Canal.  An amazing feat of human accomplishment when it was constructed and even today.   I remember hearing about it as a child in elementary school – along with some rudimentary information about how it worked  – with a locks and man made lake.  Filed it into the human memory bank as a …

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8 Days and 1200 Nautical Miles to Panama

It’s been a whirlwind 3 weeks or so since we left Florida for Panama to when I started actually trying to update our blog – it will likely be posted even later than that. A summary: Meeting crew, a seven day passage, crew leaving, crew arriving, ten days of waiting to transit the canal, fixing …

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Sea Magazine Article

We finally got a decent high speed internet connection in Costa Rica so we should be posting some updates to this blog over the next couple of days.  We made it to Panama from Florida, through the canal, and are now moving back up the Pacific side towards mexico. This is just a short post …

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2 Weeks in Florida – Boat Projects, Checklists, and More Boat Projects

  After spending a couple of weeks in Florida getting familiar with the new boat, moving our gear from the Nordhavn 40 on board, and working to prep the boat for our seemingly imminent trip to Panama, everyone is back in San Diego for the week. Before we get into some of the details of …

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A Preview of Our “New” Vessel

The last few months we have included a lot of research, a trip to mexico to see a really cool ocean crossing catamaran, a couple of failed offers on a boat that we were very interested (a Nordhavn 47), and finally ending up with us being owners of an awesome boat that is somewhat of …

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And She’s Gone

It’s been months since we’ve posted anything to this blog but we have hit a couple of big milestones in boat ownership over the past couple of weeks.  There’s an old cliche about buying and selling boats that goes something like this:  “The best two days of a boat owner’s life are the day he …

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The End of Chapter One

I have been meaning to close out the first chapter of our trip.  I sit down and start to type.  And nothing comes.  There’s so much to tell.  But nothing comes to me.  We have tons of photos of the final leg of our trip so a LOT of them are going to be dumped …

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Anan Bay, AK – Bear Country

Anan Bay Wildlife Observatory was one of the most memorable stops on our trip.  Sixty permits are available per day during the peak bear season (July and August) and we were lucky enough to secure a spot.  It takes a bit of planning to get there, given it’s remote location and unsafe anchorage.  And our …

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Ell Cove, AK – And along came dinner

When we were in Sitka, I broke down and finally bought some fish.  Dougal was exacerbated.  “You are really going to buy fish?”  “Trust me,” I told him, “as soon as I do, you will catch one.”  I’ll get back to this.  First, let’s talk about our experience in Ell Cove.   We made our …

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Tenakee Springs, AK – Independence Day in Alaska

I don’t know if it was the perfect 75 degree weather….or the upcoming 4th of July holiday….or the wonderful welcome by Cassidy’s friend Ila and her family (who we had met in Juneau a few weeks ago)….but Tenakee is the type of town that you want to bottle up and take with you.  I fantasized about …

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