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Cassidy is equipped with her iPad Pro and ready to journal.  On this page, she describes her toy stash.  The pic is her is of the top bunk in her cabin.  Usually reserved for guests, the top bunk is a little full right now!  Dougal told Cass that she has to fit the toys she keeps on the boat into 2 small boxes.  The exception is her “stuffies.”  She took full advantage of that.  Leave no stuffie behind!  We expect her to lament things left behind….but so far it’s all smiles!
Cassidy’s Cabin

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  1. Chuck and Edie Herro

    Hi Cassidy,

    It was great to read that you and your parents spotted a whale on your way to Crecent City. Please keep your eyes open for moose when you get further north. We’re interest in seeing a drawing of one. Enjoy the rest of your trip. We will stay in touch.

    Chuck and Edie

    —Reply posted by Cassidy Gardyne on 4/21/2018
    I was looking at the moose book. I am looking forward to finding a moose. From Cassidy
    —Reply posted by Chuck and Edie on 4/20/2018
    By the way… as part of your home schooling… I made a mistake when I wrote “further north”. It should have been “farther north” because it involves distance.

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