Juneau – summer camps and side trips

The trip from San Francisco to Juneau was a whirlwind.  In many ways, it felt like we were moving in slow motion.  But it was somehow exhausting at the same time.  When the SlowBoat Flotilla ended in Juneau, I was more than happy to stay put for awhile.  For 2 weeks as it turned out!  The Juneau harbor allowed us to pay the low monthly rate of $175, rather than the daily rate, so there was no rush to leave.  

We made it to Juneau!

When we arrived, I searched for a camp or class for Cassidy.  She longed for some kid playtime after 2 months of hanging with the grownups.  At 4pm on Friday, I found a Girl Scout camp that started the following Monday.  They had one spot left!  Better yet, they offered bus transportation with a pick up spot just across from the marina.  She was overjoyed!  

Bus is loaded….off to Girl Scout Camp!

First day of summer camp!

New friends at the art class in Juneau

With Cassidy at camp, I kept myself busy exploring Juneau.  Dougal hiked up to Mount Roberts tram with me.  You can pay $32 round trip…..or hike up and take the tram down for free with a minimum $10 purchase.  What a deal!  There were awesome views the whole way up.  It’s about 2.5 miles, straight uphill.  I enjoyed it so much that I did it again by myself the following week.  Dougal and Cass took the tram up to meet me at the top.

View from the Mt Roberts trail in Juneau

Model of an Eagle Nest. It can be as big as 9 ft!

Mount Roberts Tram in Juneau

While in Juneau, we also took the city bus over to the beach at Savikko Park, visited the fish hatchery, went swimming at the pool in the valley (beautiful pool with slides and diving boards!), and plenty of other excursions.  

Touch pool at DIPAC hatchery in Juneau

Alaska beach day at Savikko Park in Juneau

After 2 weeks of boat projects and camps in Juneau, our friend Sam arrived for a 1 week visit.  We took a quick trip to the Mendenhall Glacier.  Although spectacular, it did not quite compare to some of the amazing views we got in Tracy Arm and Glacier Bay over the following few weeks.  

We were hoping to take Sam up to Haines and Skagway to check out the old gold mining country but the marine forecast had other plans for us.  We decided to head back to Tracy Arm instead.  Good thing we did because this time we were able to pick through the ice to get almost to the face of Sawyer Glacier.  It was amazing!  Alaska also welcomed Sam with a whale sighting and endless eagles.  It was a great few days.


The turnaround of guests was quick.  We dropped Sam off at Auke Bay in Juneau for her flight home on a Tuesday, and ran over to Gustavus to pick up my mom on Wednesday.  Bartlett Cove was the start of our Glacier Bay visit.

Glacier Bay requires permits in the summer months.  We had a permit for the maximum number of days (7) but we found that a few days is enough to see everything, as long as the ice cooperates.  Certainly not for lack of scenery….we could have spent a month enjoying the amazing views.  I knew that the number of vessels permitted in the bay was limited….I didn’t realize how limited.  We felt like we had the whole bay to ourselves!  We only saw a couple of other boats each day.  During our 3 night say, we went fishing, visited the magnificent Margerie Glacier, and spotted bears and other wildlife.  

Glacier Bay

We shortened our stay in Glacier Bay so that we could head to Tenakee Springs (via Hoonah) for the famed Alaska 4th of July celebration.  While in Juneau, Cassidy made a new friend from Tenakee.  We told her the surprise this morning….that she would get to visit with her new friend for a few days.  We are on our way now!

4 thoughts on “Juneau – summer camps and side trips”

  1. Thank you for great photos and posts. We miss you and your friends at EYC are vicariously enjoying your entire trip. Where are Cassidy’s moose drawings? If none, what about bear portraits? Edie and I are getting ready to take Albatross to the club for the 4th of July, then on to Schoonmachers for the Sausalito Cruise Out. Obviously not in the same league as Alaska, but it will do. Wish we could see you there.It was fun to see the club burgee cruising up against the glaciers.

    Take care and please keep the blogs and photos coming.

    Chuck and Edie


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    —Reply posted by Jen Gardyne on 7/1/2018
    Ah, the cruise outs are always so much fun! Hope we can jump in on one or two when we get back! We will be flying our burgee, celebrating the 4th with you from Tenakee Springs, AK. No moose yet! I told Cass to get working on that bear drawing!

  2. <p>You certainly are having new experiences almost every day and building up memories that will last a life time and I am truly glad for all of you. I will learn from Karin of your adventures. A big hug to Cassidy. Love to you all! Nick.</p><p> </p>
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    —Reply posted by Jen Gardyne on 7/8/2018
    Thanks Nick! It was nice having my mom here! Cassidy had a blast playing with her. Hope all is well!

  3. Karin Weishaup

    WOW!  Margerie Glacier was stunning.  The thundering of the ice calving was incredible.  So glad to have been there with you to experience it.

    Love Mom/Bubu/Karin

  4. the photos are amazing – just so cool


    My favorite is Caddidy in a sparkling      dress at the glacier

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