Making Memories, Videos and Carnitas

4 days of downtime in Crescent City waiting for wind to die down offshore allowed for time to compile footage and put together a video showing some of what went in to making this trip happen.

I’ve been a hobbyist photographer for a long time but never really got into trying to do anything with video until recently.  It seems like a  cool way to supplement the stories that we relate in our written blog.  

Jen and I both learning to use Final Cut Pro so hopefully these videos will improve as we go.  Cassidy is excited to start showing people things she does to supplement “boat school” as well.

It took over 24 hours to upload this video using the Wi-Fi that we are freeloading here in Crescent City Harbor (which is actually a pretty good connection).  Any advice that people may have as far as export settings or formats to encode video so that it uploads to YouTube easier would be greatly appreciated.  I imagine as we get further north up into Alaska this summer that good connections will be harder to find.

The placeholder video that we had posted on the Video page of this website has been replaced if you would like take a look at the new content.

Changing the subject to our continuing trip north:

4 days in Crescent City has been more than enough time and the wind has been howling at times even here on shore.  Small Craft Advisories and Gale Warnings have been posted along this section of coast in northern California and southern Oregon for the last few days but yesterday afternoon was beautiful and we plan to head out at dawn this morning.  

Jen spent our last day in the galley preparing meals for the trip.  The last thing you want to be doing is messing around with pots and pans on the stove in a 10 ft swell.  We will be eating well….on the menu for this trip – carnitas, chili and breakfast cobbler.

Jen will no doubt have updates about how this passage compares to the last one between San Francisco Bay and here.  It should be roughly 70 hours to Cape Flattery if we push all the way through.  As of right now, conditions are looking to be pretty nice and the crew is well rested.

Crescent City Harbor

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