(Not so Final) Farewell

It was a mix of fear and excitement when Dougal told me that we would be departing on Sunday (April 8th).   It was Wednesday, and Cassidy and I were at Disneyland.  I’m not even in town!  I need to go grocery shopping!  I need to turn in the car (on lease)!  We are having a party on Saturday.  And we will leave at the crack of dawn on the day following the party?!?  

So we rushed around, getting everything ready….and we will be ready!

Saturday morning….day of the party, eve of the departure….Dougal called the weather expert to confirm the marine forecast.  Called off!  The “weather window” was too small.  We would not have time to safely get to the next harbor in Crecent City, CA.  We must wait out the weather and check again towards the end of the week.

Well, the party must go on!  

Chuck and Edie, our Encinal Yacht Club cruising buddies, were in the lobby at the club, directing everyone towards the dock.  Among the first to arrive was Julie and Mira.  Julie brought a sacrificial bottle of champagne to break over the bow for luck.  In true pirate style, we made better use of the champagne and did a toast.  Even the kids got in on it with sparkling apple cider!  All of Cassidy’s friends made a wish for Cassidy on the adventure.  

MV Cassidy definitely tested the capacity limits.  At the peak of the party, we had 10 kids about about 25 adults on board, including a surprise visit from my dear friend Sarah and her family!  No one fell in….I think that means it was a success!

It was a great day of fun and laughter.  We were so happy to spend the afternoon visiting with good friends.  We will miss you all while we are gone but this memory is coming with us!

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