Stopover in Crescent City, CA

We spent 5 days in Crescent City, waiting for a weather window to make our way north to Washington.  Crescent City gets a mixed review from me, but I was just happy to docked in a safe harbor for a few days.  It is a small town with a number of run down hotels, frequented by folks passing through on their way to the more popular Redwood National Park just south of town.  The harbor is conveniently located near shops, restaurants and grocery stores.  We were able to stock up on our favorite foods and refill the propane tanks.  There was also a cool playground and recreation area nearby.  

Cassidy and I hit the books since we would be docked for a few days.  We try to get schoolwork done in the morning so we can spend the afternoon exploring.  

We visited the Battery Point Lighthouse.  Not only is the lighthouse stunning, perched on the top of a rocky cliff, but it is rich with history.   The lighthouse is only accessible at low tide.  When we arrived, we were met by a lovely couple that runs the lighthouse for the month.  Volunteering is a one month commitment that involves maintenance of the lighthouse grounds, running the gift shop, and guiding tours, they explained.  They live in the lighthouse during their month of service.  Imagine, groups of people touring through your bedroom and bathroom several times per day!  The lighthouse was built in 1856 after a major shipwreck approaching Crescent City.  We learned about the Fresnel lens.  The design of the lens allows for the light to be seen at a distance with just a small source of light.  We also learned that each lighthouse has a unique pattern of lighting to allow ships to identify it.

Battery Point Lighthouse

The harbor is right next to the beach.  Cassidy and Dougal went beachcombing one day.  They didnt come back with anything but a stick, but they had a blast.  We encourage Cassidy to bring a journal along with her.  She often stops to write or draw about what she sees.  
Searching for Treasures

We stopped at Ocean World.  Its a small aquarium in the center of town.  On the guided tour, we learned about and observed sharks, seals, loads of fish and sea urchins.  Cassidy held a starfish, a sea anemone, and pet a shark.  The seals put on a show for us, jumping amazing heights, barking strange sounds on command, and waving to the audience.  
Ocean World

Like an Eel

Sadly, Dougal dropped his pocket knife into the water when getting off the boat.  He used it as an motivation to get his dry suit gear ready.  He pulled on the suit and got ready to jump in.  Unfortunately he wasnt able to retrieve the knife, but he managed to give the boats waterline a  good scrub while he was in there.
Suited up to find his knife underwater

A weather window finally openned up and it was time to head north.  We expected it would take 72 hours to get to Cape Flattery in Washington.  We had some work to get done on the boat before we joined the group to head to Alaska, so we weren’t sure of our exact destination in WA.  Dougal would make phone calls on our way up, if we had reception, to arrange for someone to work on the boat.  We ultimately decided on Anacortes, a harbor familiar to us as Dougal stayed here for a couple of weeks when he bought the boat in Pacific Northwest about 2 years ago.  

Stocked with our favorite foods, movies and audiobooks downloaded, we were back in the pilot house…..

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